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Young Feminist Ambassadors is a network of young feminists, located in the Netherlands, who commit themselves to contribute to a more gender equal society. We were founded after the first Dutch edition of the Young Feminist Weekend (2019): we felt inspired by everyone’s story, commitment and belief in a more equal and fair world and we developed the idea of creating a network of and for young feminists. Besides creating a network to exchange knowledge and experiences and to connect on different themes and topics we deem important, we strive to let the many different voices of young feminists throughout the Netherlands be heard. Among other things, we try to achieve this by working together as ambassadors of the Dutch Women’s Council (NVR).

YFA board

Rosa Eersteling

Perhaps the biggest reason why I, as a young (black) woman, have been able to go to university, have a right to vote, can fall in love with and marry whoever I want to (or not), can start a family when I’m ready for it (or not at all)…is that countless people all over the world have fought, and are still fighting, for those rights. I don’t take this for granted, and I want to pay it forward to the next generations by contributing to an intersectional and inclusive feminist movement.

My activism is best described as talking the talk and walking the walk in daily life. I try to speak up and challenge the status quo, and to have those difficult conversations and endure uncomfortable silences. In YFA I found a community of intersectional feminists who keep me inspired. It’s a safe space where we support eachother and explore different ways of activism.

Vera Bosch

Hi everyone! My name is Vera Bosch. I am one of the co-presidents of the Young Feminist Ambassadors and am very excited and glad to be part of this amazing group of feminists. I got in contact with YFA through the Young Feminist Roffa weekend,which is a local edition of the Young Feminist Weekend in Rotterdam and was a great success in my opinion. 

It felt very comforting that there turned out to be so many like-minded people, just around the corner in my own hometown. And by joining YFA, I gained an even bigger feminist network throughout the Netherlands.
My main concern regarding feminism in the Netherlands is the fact that many people think it is not necessary anymore in such a ‘progressive country’ and that ‘emancipation is done’. As you can already guess: I think not. There is still a lot of progress to be made and still a lot to be learned as well. Within YFA we can have open conversations, learn from each other and strive for better together.

Floor van schagen

I work as secretary of YFA and from the very beginning, I am involved with this great network! I participated in 2019 in the first edition of the Young Feminist Weekend and after this we decided with a couple of participants to set up the Young Feminist Ambassadors and collaborate with the Dutch Women’s Council (Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad).
YFA is such a great network of young people who focus on intersectionality and inclusiveness.

We work together in working groups on several themes and goals to let the voice of young feminists be heard! With YFA I can work on my passion for gender equality. I’d like to say I am an idealist, with a background in Anthropology and Sociology and with interest in topics like gender, culture, (men’s) emancipation, women’s rights and diversity.

renate Adriaansens

I’m one of the co-founders and presidents of YFA. I have a background in political science and gender and International Relations, which is why I have a special interest in topics such as gender and conflict situations and women, peace and security. Although within my activism, I like organising and creating space for meaningful conversations. Currently my main focus is on making the voice of young feminists heard locally, nationally and internationally.

When we first started YFA, we wanted to create a community where we could be in touch with other young feminists in The Netherlands and make our voices heard. We’re currently growing and it makes me so happy to see that. We continue to connect, organise and support young feminists in The Netherlands and I can’t wait to see the things that we’ll be able to accomplish together in the future.

Rosa Luxemburg

“We will be victorious if we have not forgotten how to learn.”

Rita Mae Brown

“As a woman, I find it very embarrassing to be in a meeting and realize I’m the only one in the rome with balls.”