YFA Network

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Young Feminist Ambassadors is an independent network of and for young feminists. Alongside, our members are involved in many different other movements, projects, actions and organizations.

The YFA network operates with a regularly changing board and consists of multiple working groups. Once every three months, there is a General Member Meeting (ALV) for all members of the network.

In general

The YFA board functions mainly as organizer and coordinator. Their goal is to assist the organization in order to create a strong basis for its members, to enable them to carry out their great many different actions, plans and projects. Inevitably, some issues and topics need to be discussed and decided on with all members. Therefore, a General Member Meeting (ALV) is planned every three months.

Beside being a network in order to connect young feminists and to stimulate knowledge and experience exchange, YFA strives to let the many different voices of young feminists throughout the Netherlands be heard. Among other things, we try to achieve this by working closely together with the Dutch Women’s Council (Nederlandse Vrouwenraad/NVR).

Working groups

  • YFA Network Activities: this working group focuses on ‘the network feeling’ within YFA, organizing activities to connect and to share knowledge and experiences within the network.
  • Outreach/ Activities: this working group focuses on activities and communication to the public, with other organizations and non members.
  • NVR/Young Feminism: this working group focuses on  contact and collaboration with the Dutch Women’s Council (NVR).
  • Social Media: this working group focuses on our social media channels and creates content. Follow us on Instagram!
  • Website: this working group maintains the website and posts blogs, news, agenda items etc.
  • Young Feminist Weekend: this working group focuses on co-organizing coming editions of the yearly national Young Feminist Weekend. YFW is an initiative of the Dutch Women’s Council (NVR) to increase the input of young feminists. The three-day event wants to contribute to a strong (cross) national and intersectional young feminist movement. The Dutch Women’s Council (NVR) offers a young feminist analysis of leadership, focused on changing the ruling/prevailing paradigms of the exploitation of humans and our planet.
  • Local: this working group focuses on local groups emerging from YFA and YFW. In 2021, a Rotterdam based YFW was organized and resulted in the Young Feminist Roffa movement. Young Feminist Roffa is a weekend where 20 young people of different backgrounds come together to research what feminist contributions they could make to the city of Rotterdam and how they could stimulate gender equality. They engage in dialogues concerning Rotterdam and how to make it a more inclusive, just, fair and safe city for everyone. One of their main goals is to create feminist projects and initiatives to reach for at least 200 other Rotterdam people. Follow Young Feminist Roffa on Instagram!
Adrienne Maree Brown

“The idea of interdependence is that we can meet each other’s needs in a variety of ways, that we can truly lean on others and they can lean on us. It means we have to decentralize our idea of where solutions and decisions happen, where ideas come from.”

Mary davis

“We can’t heal the world in one day, but we can start with a voice of compassion, a heart of love, an act of kindness.”